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Ravellenic Games Projects

1 Mar

Although I’m a big Ravelry user, I had never “competed” in the Ravellenic games before. For those who don’t know, in the Ravellenic games people try to finish as many projects as possible in the time frame of the Olympic games. There are teams, events, medals, etc. and I don’t even really understand the whole thing. The first time I heard of it was in relation to the controversy between the Ravelry and US Olympic Committee in which they sent a cease-and-desist for calling the games the “Ravelympics”. The controversy is pretty funny, although the amount of power that the USOC has is a little terrifying (they tried to sue Seattle when it built the Olympic sculpture park… which as a view of the Olympic mountains. Wonder if they have tried to rename the mountains yet).

This year I kinda-sorta competed although since I moved to Brazil during the Olympics I was a little preoccupied! But here are the projects I finished:

Aidez Collage

The first project I finished was Aidez by Cirilla Rose, one of my favorite designers (my project page here). It’s one of the most popular patterns on Ravelry (3,348 projects!) and I’ve wanted to make it for a long time. I couldn’t wait to start it so I actually started before the games, but I finished it in a record 10 days so I did get into the spirit of sprint knitting for the games. For this pattern I used a different gauge yarn (worsted instead of bulky) and I also improvised a lot of the sizing. I had read that the gauge on the pattern was messed up so instead of just knitting according to a larger size (to fit my thinner yarn) I based my stitch count off my own gauge and sizing. Luckily there isn’t much shaping in this pattern so it was pretty simple. The only problem I had was with the shoulders–definitely the thing I struggle with most in sweater design.

Besides sizing, I also switched out all the cables. I thought the ones on the original pattern were a little boring, especially on the back. For mine I chose 2 cable patterns from Stitchionary Vol. 2. For the back I staggered two columns of “Aztec”. Next to this I worked “Ring of Fire” which matched the seed stitch from Aztec and also had a cool name. On the sleeves and the fronts I worked just the zig-zag side cables from Aztec.

I’m really happy with how this turned out and I think it’s beautiful, the only thing is the yarn is a little scratchy! I chose a blend of wool, alpaca, and acrylic so I thought the acrylic and alpaca would counter the wool’s itchiness but not so… I just hope it gets softer with washing and I will probably have to wear it over long sleeve shirts.

My second project was from the pattern Turban(d) (my project page here). I’d wanted to make an ear warmer for a long time and had half a skein of soft Malabrigo Rios yarn left over that was perfect. This is so cute and I love the colors, I almost wish it were cold enough here for me to wear it (ha… actually I don’t miss the cold at all).

Hey Girl Sweater Collage

I didn’t get to finish my third project because of the move, but it’s one I’m really excited about. For Christmas I received 3 skeins of Madelinetosh DK and one of Malabrigo Arroyo and I was imagining a cardigan with stripes in reverse stockinette. At first I thought I would write a pattern myself, but then I thought since I would be doing a lot of plane knitting with this, it was best not to have to be doing a lot of math and note taking. I chose the pattern Hey Girl by Chic Knits (my pattern page here), who I think is one of my new favorite designers. I usually knit things to be form fitting but this will be a more slouchy, casual sweater. I am planning on doing the lower portion with more of the reverse stockinette stripes (I love how the interlocking purl stitches make the colors blend together), and I will do the cuffs of the body and sleeves in garter stitch. (I apologize for the poor quality photos, there’s no good place to shoot photos in my hotel room!).