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Changing blog address

19 Aug

Hey guys! I’m moving my blog over to Please follow the link and subscribe to my new blog!




we heart orangutans.

25 Apr

Ok the story behind this video is touching and all, but the real reason I’m sharing it is because of the adorable antics of this baby orangutan. I never knew they were so silly! I wonder if all orangutans are like this or if it’s only this one. Definitely bookmarking this to watch next time I’m feeling down.

(via Kind Living)

what I’m eating right now.

29 Nov

Garlic chipotle salsa with roasted tomato.


we heart words.

23 Aug

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, Mel and I have been preparing to start school again, move-in is this week!


Just wanted to share this beautiful video which confirms that NPR is, like, the best thing ever. The end when you’re looking into space listening to the roaring silence gives me chills.

we heart hipsters.

31 Jul