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we heart RIVKA.

11 Aug

Can super awesomeness and future fame be absorbed via cohabitation? I hope so because my housemates are totally amazing and on the brink of fame. They’re known on the blogosphere as RIVKA but in real life they’re Reggie and Becky (get it? Rivka is the hebrew version of Rebecca). They make chill/trance/dance/wonderland music that transports you to another world. They’ve gained a lot of popularity through blogs and word of mouth… someone even made this music video for their song “Kid Animal” without even telling them!

On Tuesday they’re releasing a new single through a label. We got a sneak peek of it last night and I think you’ll really like it! Stay tuned via Facebook and dowload their album on Bandcamp (only $3).


PS It’s my 101st post! Yay!


we heart valentines.

14 Feb

My gift to you:


And a not-too-mushy love song:

Crazy-In-Love (with these) Cinnamon-Chocolate Cupcakes

The cupcake is super light and fluffy so the powerful combo of coffee and chocolate won’t leave you gasping for water. And the cinnamon-vanilla icing is to die for!

The cupcake recipe is from Cooks Illustrated via PinkParsleyCatering and the icing recipe is from the bookdCupcakes Galore by Gail Wagman. Continue reading

possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

21 Oct

P.S. If you’re thinking that the girl in this video can’t be a real farmer, she isn’t. She was the winner of Season 4 of Britain’s Next Top Model. I really wish they’d used real farmers (because aren’t they all hot 20-somethings?).

we heart yeasayer & washed out.

1 Oct

Went to see Yeasayer and Washed Out on Tuesday night. It was so nice to get away from school and homework and remember that there’s a real world out there. And of course Yeasayer is the best. I’m in love with them.

Mr. Wilder because he is a 21st century Aladin:

Yeasayer - Anand Wilder

And Mr Keating because he managed to make a quilted vest look cool on a guy. No small feat:

Yeasayer - Chris Keating

And Washed Out was pretty awesome too. Apparently that was their first show as a band; how cool is that?

Washed Out

Feel It All Around//Washed Out


And of course, thank you to -infinitus from Flickr for letting me use her awesome pictures from the show!

procrastination for the musically-inclined.

2 Sep

If you’re siting around waiting for school to start, if school has just started but you have no work to do (me) or if you are just a lil’ bored, see below…

A cool “interactive film,” The Wilderness Downtown, set to Arcade Fire’s “We Used to Wait.”

And Stereotyping People by their Favorite Indie Bands.

Personal favorites:

Pre-Congratulations: 81% of College Freshmen. Post-Congratulations: Guys who consider the ability to store 13 pencils in their hair to be an evolutionary advantage.

Dirty Projectors
People who like way too many toppings on their pizza.

awesome show posters.

27 Aug

Favorite bands + great design, what could be better?

Click for info on the designers.

Arcade Fire Poster

Sleigh Bells concert poster.

Spoon Poster

Yeasayer poster

Black Keys Poster

the pursuit of happiness.

13 Aug

I love this NY Times article about the economy of happiness, how to get more joy with less money. Turns out the key is experiences, not stuff. I think everyone knows that subconsciously, but we get so caught up in wanting more and more stuff that we lose sight of what matters.

The focus of the article is a woman who got off the “work-spend treadmill” by reducing her total personal belongings to 100 items, and downsizing to a 400-square-foot apartment in Portland where she lives with her husband. Because of their low-cost lifestyle the couple has more time and money to travel, volunteer, and spend time outdoors while still saving money. Sounds like a great life to me.


And on an unrelated note, aren’t the Dirty Projectors adorable? They’re giving away two free downloads on their site right now.

we heart happy people making music.

4 Aug

today was my last day scooping ice cream at the scoop! i ate my last bites of award winning chocolate and red velvet cupcake ice cream… well my last free bites! i have a whole lot of summer to squeeze into the next two weeks, unfortunately i’m still auditing loan files during the day. really quite the glamourous job.

in an attempt to regain my summer, i, melissa grant, bought a plane ticket (a rather expensive plane ticket) to chicago for lollapalooza. quite the spontaneous act! i’m really not sure who i want to see the most?! perhaps edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros or blitzen trapper? tons of my favorites will be there and maybe i will meet a boy in a band (who cares if i’ve heard of it) maybe? maybe not but hey, it’s worth a shot.

oh and i simply do not care that we have all been listening to this song for forever   i still heart this song!  if you want to be more hipster than me, you can claim you were the first one to ever listen to this song:

i want to listen to this album and snuggle in bed and whistle till i can’t whistle anymore! oh and be in love, that’d be cool too!