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Ahhh New York

10 Feb

Oh, New York! One of my favorite places in the entire world. And yes, I know how that sounds. Incredibly cliché. Nevertheless, there is a reason why it’s so great. For instance, where else would you find a tall thin male model in leopard print tights and chunky platforms strutting in the middle of the street? Or walk into a small rundown café and feast on the best meal you have ever eaten? By far there are way more fabulous finds then the above mentioned. Nevertheless, I would say by far my favorite is the shopping. And I’m not just you average stores, I’m talking about the stores that are only in only in Asia and Europe. Only in New York will you also have a chance to experience fashion in other parts of the world. Here are a few of my favorites.


It covers the basics. However the quality of the clothing is incredibly luxurious, while managing to sell at a relatively cheap price. Jeans run for $40.00 a pair. There is a wide variety to pick from (skinny, straight, tapered, boot cut, flared, etc.). Not to mention hemming is free! So for those of us that don’t fit into the whole supermodel long lean leg thing, we can still pull off uniqlo jeans.

The store originates from Japan and its only US based store is in Soho, New York. Check it out. It’s three levels! And did I mention they sell men and women’s clothes? The men’s graphic tees are an awesome deal, especially since they are cheap ($12.00) and are cut smaller than American men’s t-shirts.

Shop online @

……..Or better yet, in New York @

546 Broadway,

New York, New York

10012, USA

Top Shop

If you think you’re European, but haven’t managed to find you’re IT store, well here IT is: Top Shop. Started in London, England, it sells all of the newest trends that us Americans have only seen the glimpses of. It’s like a high-end Forever 21, with four levels of shoes, accessories and tons of clothes that sell to both men and women. But here’s the catch, it’s converted from pounds to US dollars, which makes the price a little steep. However, even shopping in their sales section you can find high quality items and fashionable clothes. And as a result, makes you feel like a seasoned European shopper.

Shop online @ Topshop USA

……..Or better yet, in New York @

478 Broadway

New York, New York

10013, USA

Other unique stores to check out while in New York:


Pearl River Mart


Mystique Boutique


330 square foot “mini-mansion”

5 Jan

So I took a pretty long break over the holidays. Hope you all had a good break! The following is the first post by my friend Meredith. She’s going to Argentina this semester so hopefully we will get some posts from abroad!



City life may be exciting and splendid, but that all comes at a price. For most, they are subjected to cramped living arrangements. In Hong Kong, where apartment style living seems to be the only means of living, green architect Gary Chang has transformed his 330 square foot apartment into a 24-roomed apartment. How is this possible? Through Chang’s construction of layered pull out walls, panels and furniture. Chang has managed to create a practically unlivable space into a “mini-mansion.”