PA café preview.

9 Apr

Right now I’m preparing for Free the Planet’s new event, PA Café, an event celebrating local food. It’s pretty exciting for me because the event was my idea in the fall, modeled after an existing event, Fair Trade Café, and because I obviously love to cook.

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, come to Nordy’s place in the William Pitt Union, 9pm – 1am for free food, raffle, and music.

Pile of local cheeses.

Vegan and non-vegan apple pies (a Mark Bittman recipe) with local apples and butter.

Jam cookies with local strawberry-raspberry-blueberry-blackberry jam and local butter and eggs.

The best chocolate frosting I have ever made. Like pure silk, it melts on your tongue. I'm never using another frosting recipe again (made with local Amish butter).

Yellow sour cream cupcakes (100 of them!) made with local sour cream, butter, and eggs, waiting to be frosted. This recipe was also awesome, tastes like "yellow cake" box mixes. Except the yellow color here comes from eggs (6 of them) instead of petroleum-derived food coloring.

Ricotta-almond muffins made with local ricotta, butter, and eggs. Watch the video by Giada and hear how obnoxiously she pronounces "ricotta."


One Response to “PA café preview.”

  1. Beth Ann Locke April 9, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    Damn! I can’t get a flight out in time… you will have to reproduce ALL these when you visit Seattle! 🙂

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