we heart dan savage.

31 Mar

Tonight Dan Savage, one of my all-time heroes came to talk at Pitt. He’s best known for his “advice column,” for redefining “santorum” and now for launching the It Gets Better Project in response to the spate of teen homosexual suicides last fall. As I expected, Dan was both poignant and hilarious. And he certainly didn’t have to work for comedy material tonight. Next door to the room he was speaking in, a fraternity was auctioning off frat boys… I think you can imagine the sort of jokes that ensued.

After his talk, I asked him why he thinks the Christian right has chosen homosexuality as their “thing” to attack. His answer, which I loved, was that homosexuality is something that these people can condemn without sacrificing anything themselves. These are people who may be divorced, using birth control, or are unfaithful to their spouses. But by pointing the finger at GLBTQ people they can scramble up to moral high ground without any sacrifices. Wow, that whole “lack of personal sacrifice” idea is something that pops up a lot in the environmental movement too.

Below is the first It Gets Better video made by Dan and his HC-BA (pronounced “hic-bay”, husband-in-Canada-boyfriend-in-America). There is another that Dan recommended as one of his favorite videos of the project that gives a fresh perspective on the issue. There are thousands of other videos, by President Obama, Tim Gunn, and the team from Pixar (I really like this one).


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