hearts + hands for Japan.

24 Mar

In the aftermath of the disaster(s) in Japan, Americans have donated about half of what they have to Haiti. Yes, Japan is one of the richest countries in the world but does that make them any less deserving of our aid? Remember, donations don’t just send money overseas, they send much-needed manpower and supplies that an overwhelmed government, however wealthy, may have difficulty rallying.

The first thing you should do is donate to whatever student or workplace group is trying to raise money. I find giving to real people always affects me like giving to a computer can’t and the people collecting funds will receive a boost of energy from receiving your donation (remember: asking people for money takes courage).

The next thing you should do is check out this site heartsandhandsforjapan.blogspot.com and, if you have another $10 dollars in you to give (I know you do), send it their way. You could win an amazing prize for your generosity.

Donations go to Shelter Box and Save The Children, two charities from which the Japanese government has officially accepted aid (uncoordinated giving has been an issue, see this article).

Before you go, check out these hauntingly beautiful photos from the NYT’s Lens blog.


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