more new york.

1 Feb

More pictures today but before we move on I’d like to direct your attention towards the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

New York Magazine writes, “Tucking into Kesté’s ‘Regina Margherita’ can seem like eating pizza for the first time. A few bites in, and you’re struck by the sensation that life, such as it is, may have nothing more to offer.”

I can say that this is all 100% true. I got the special that night, a layer of fresh basil topped by a super soft mozzarella with cherry tomatoes on top. It was the most cheese I’d ever seen on a pizza but it was amazing. Just thinking about it right now hurts. It’s definitely the first place I’ll be next time I’m in New York.

Anyway, here are some more pics. Thanks to Thomas for letting me stay with him and for taking me around. And thanks to Megabus for selling tickets for $1!

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