in order to trash the planet, you have to trash people.

20 Jan

Just posted this video by Van Jones on the PSEC blog. He came to my high school senior year but that was back in the days when you could only go if your teacher deemed the event worthy of your attendance, and mine didn’t. If only!


It has become increasingly clear that the environmental and social justice movements cannot exist independently of each other. With its complete disregard for public health and private property rights, and its targeting of rural, politically underrepresented groups, few issues demonstrate this concept as well as the issue of fracking. By presenting environmental problems as social ones and vice-versa, we can broaden and strengthen our movement, and bring it a note of humanity that can sometimes be missing from environmentalists’ calls for sacrifice and predictions of apocalyptic collapse.

I love this video from social and environmental justice advocate, Van Jones. Things really get good around 6:30:

In order to trash the planet, you have to trash people, but if you create a world where you don’t trash people you can’t trash the planet.”

“We are at a moment where the coming together of social justice as an idea and ecology as an idea are coming together as one, and it’s the idea that we don’t have disposable anything. we don’t have disposable resources, we don’t have disposable species, and we don’t have disposable people either. We don’t have a throw away planet and we don’t have throw away children.

“When you were younger you cared about the whole world and at some point someone told you you had to pick an issue… Are you going to hug a tree? Or are you going to hug a child? Luckily most of us are blessed to have two arms; we can hug both.


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