merry christmas and gingerbread houses!

25 Dec

Sorry for the week or so of silence, I have been taking a break for a while. But I had to show you the gingerbread houses I made with my little brother, Willie.


This was the most elaborate gingerbread spectacle I’d ever attempted. I decided to make a model of our house in Pittsburgh and Willie wanted to make a stadium of some sort. First we made paper models of our structures then used the templates to cut out our gingerbread. Since I’m not wild about gingerbread cookies we used a gingerbread recipe from Martha Stewart which isn’t so good for eating but which holds up real well as a construction material. I used a recipe for icing “cement” from which worked really well too. Here are the results:

Gingerbread House


Clockwise from top left: a gummy fountain (made by john); bushes decorated with christmas "lights" out front; marshmallow snowman; "snow" made by coconut and cornstarch; Necco wafer shingles; our house number on the front.

Willie’s “Hershey Park”:

Gingerbread Park


Hershey Park

Clockwise from top left: grass made by green-dyed coconut; a gummy statue stands outside the park; graham cracker scoreboard; tons of gummy fans; brown sugar infield.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


One Response to “merry christmas and gingerbread houses!”

  1. Alexa December 26, 2010 at 1:36 am #

    I take it Willie enjoyed his architecture book? 🙂

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