the scarf curse??

13 Dec

A few days ago I posted my first published knitting pattern on and a couple people have started making it! (find it here if you don’t have a ravelry account) On Friday I was excited to find that a woman had emailed me asking for suggestions on making the scarf for her boyfriend. But then yesterday she emailed me back reporting that “the sweater curse has transferred to the scarf” and that her boyfriend had broken up with her half-way through knitting it! The horror!

So what is the “sweater curse,” two words which strike fear into the hearts of knitters world-wide? It’s the unfortunate and awkward situation in which the knitter makes a hand-knit sweater for their significant other (usually a boyfriend) and is dumped while making or soon after completing said the sweater. According to Wikipedia, 15% of knitters have experienced this phenomenon and 41% “consider it a possibility that should be taken seriously.” The threat is so serious that some knitters abstain from knitting before marriage, and others sign “pre-knitual” agreements!

The reason why I find the sweater curse so interesting (and why I believe in it myself!) is because it has real-world explanations, the most convincing of which is (again from Wikipedia), The Sweater Curse as a catalyst for analyzing the relationship:

“Giving or receiving a significant gift such as a sweater may cause either the giver or receiver to evaluate the relationship. For example, the gift may seem too intimate, too domestic or too binding to the significant other. It can be seen as a signal that makes them realize that the relationship is not reciprocal, prompting them to end the relationship before it involves obligations.”

What a surprise, a guy thinks things are getting too serious and heads for the hills. *ahem* I’ll stop here lest I begin making offensive generalizations. Good thing I only made John gloves for his birthday!


2 Responses to “the scarf curse??”

  1. Beth Ann December 13, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    …”For example, the gift may seem too intimate, too domestic or too binding to the significant other…” which may be why a “loose binding off” is called for at the end of the pattern!!!

  2. Sam December 14, 2010 at 4:07 am #

    IT’S MY SCARF!!!! 🙂

    Wait, you gave it to other people? I’m breaking up with you.

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