easy decorating part 2!

10 Dec

I was walking home a few days ago and saw a pile of some huge cardboard boxes, neatly wrapped in wrapping paper, and sitting in the parking lot next to the dumpster. Today I noticed that they were still there. Well, I’ve got some presents to wrap and no wrapping paper so I walked up and ripped off some large sheets and found some tinsel too!

While I was doing this I felt a little nervous, like someone was going to think I was a crazy person. But why should I? During WWII people saved every scrap of metal, rubber, paper, string, even children’s toys and “upcycled” them into more useful products for the war effort and no one thought they were crazy for saving their trash. Now we thing “yeah, I’m environmentally-conscious, I recycle” but today’s system is really a system of downcycling, simply lengthening the path a product takes to the landfill.

Of course I’m not saying I’m a saint for re-using someone’s old wrapping paper. I just don’t know why I felt so socially unacceptable while doing it. In nature there is no such thing as trash, everything has a use. Hopefully someday we can say that about human society too.


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