we heart thanksgiving.

26 Nov

Another year, another vegetarian turkey substitute. I’ve had the Tofurky roast a few times (and it’s really good) but since I’ve been avoiding soy recently, and I wanted to support a Seattle company, I tried the Field Roast “Stuffed Hazelnut Cranberry Roast.”

It followed the same idea as Tofurkey (meaty exterior with stuffing inside) except this one was wrapped in puff pastry which changed the game a little. Usually when I cook the Tofurkey I sit it in a bed of stuffing to keep it nice and moist, but when I did this with the Field Roast it caused the pastry to come out soggy rather than flaky and nice so next time I’ll cook it alone. However the overall flavor was great.

The best thing about this company (besides the fact that their factory is a 15 minute walk from my high school!) is that I can pronounce, recognize, and feel altogether comfortable with eating everything on the ingredient list. Besides “vital wheat gluten” and “naturally flavored yeast extract” all the ingredients – including cranberries, crystallized ginger, toasted hazelnuts, lemon juice, sea salt, red wine, tomato paste, garlic, rubbed sage, rosemary, and paprika – could conceivably be found in my own kitchen! This is something totally radical, yet consumers should expect it from all the processed foods they buy!

Some of Field Roast's ingredients for their Wild Rice stuffing - figs, cranberries, curry powder, spice mix and barley malt... it all sounds like real food!

So what I mean to say is that I am thankful that there are great people and companies out there trying to make the world a little better and most of all I’m thankful that I have the luxury of being able to worry about the ingredients in my processed foods rather than wondering where I will find my next meal.

Did you have a vegetarian thanksgiving this year? What did you eat?

P.S. Check out Field Roast’s blog… among other things, they talk about how have an all-employee feast every month. Sounds like a great place to work!


One Response to “we heart thanksgiving.”

  1. Beth Ann Locke November 26, 2010 at 6:29 pm #

    No vegetarian meal this year…but LOTS of veggie friendly sides and desserts, which is all I made (someone else did the turkey). Can’t wait to plan a veggie “boxing day” feast!!

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