we heart wikipedia.

16 Nov

It’s time for Wikipedia’s yearly fundraiser again. Last year I donated some money, I think I might again this year. If it’s between spending $5 on coffee or giving it to Wiki, I’d rather do the latter.

I also like reading all the stories that people send in about how Wikipedia has touched their lives. I just read this one and I thought you might enjoy reading it too.

“I’m from Agnam-Goly, a Sahelian village in north-eastern Senegal with a population of 3,143 inhabitants. (…) I used Wikipedia the first time in 2007 for educational purposes while I was studying in Cheikh Anta DIOP university of Dakar. At the beginning, I thought like many other students in Dakar that the Wikipedia articles are all completed work to which I can’t add anything- I mean a closed system. (…) But by curiosity, I entered the name of my village (Agnam-Goly) within the Wikipedia search tool, and I noticed that the article entitled “Agnam-Goly” does not exist but I can create it. And I said to myself “wow, how come?!”. I was so happy to know that I can be part of the system, I mean becoming an active Wikipedia user and contributor.
Well, I started elaborating on the article about Agnam-Goly (…) Then I shared worldwide lots of information about my village: its history, tradition, geography, economic, social organization, myths, beliefs, people, architecture, and culture. As I didn’t have a digital camera for my first Wikipedia writings, I said to myself that I can use a drawing which I can scan and share. The first image I used for my village was a diagram of its infrastructures: its school, health clinic, borehole and wells, the central market, the soccer field and the mosques. And that idea works quite good as I do not have a digital camera. But it can be hard to convey every reality of my village through drawing and it is time consuming. So I started saving some money in order to buy a digitalcamera, which took me four months. I bought a digital camera and took more than one thousand pictures related to my village so that I can share them through Wikimedia commons and use some of them to elaborate on the article about my village.
But what I learnt most from all of that is the fact that the best of the communities is the community of knowledge and sharing and that’s what WIKIPEDIA means to me.
PS: I wish I had money to donate to Wikipedia. I hope to do so one day, after all, I made the digital camera possible!”
You can find the article that Adama started in the French Wikipedia: Agnam-Goly.


One Response to “we heart wikipedia.”

  1. Sam November 17, 2010 at 10:37 am #

    I love this! And I donated this year, too 🙂

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