election follow ups.

3 Nov

Interesting article wondering what the Tea Party, founded more on anger rather than clear stances on issues, is going to do now that it has to play real government.

“Now, as it tries to make the transition from a protest movement to a power on Capitol Hill, the Tea Party faces the challenge of channeling the energy it brought to the election into a governing agenda when it has no clear mandate, a stated distaste for the inevitable compromises of legislating, and a wary relationship with Republican leaders in Congress.

“For many voters the Tea Party has been a blank screen on which they have projected all kinds of hopes and frustrations — not always compatible or realistic.”


I’ll be intersted to see what happens in Alaska, where the current leader, Lisa Murkowski, is a write-in candidate (with a complex last name, no less). I don’t know much about the individual candidates, but she’s against a Palin-supported Tea Party-er, Joe Miller (see above), so I’m rooting for Murowski. From the election blog:

“Results in Alaska are fluctuating a bit, with “write-ins” now holding about a 5-point lead on Joe Miller. How many of those write-ins will eventually be deemed legal ballots for Lisa Murkowski is the question, of course. My hunch going into the election was that anything below a 5-point margin would probably trigger some kind of legal challenge, while anything above 5 points probably wouldn’t, and we’re right at that threshold.”


Ok, gotta go protest the PA gas industry (“fracking gasholes”), I’ll post a follow-up to the rally here and at pittsburghsec.wordpress.com.


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