we HATE fracking.

18 Oct

Another heartbreaking story of fracking, this one hits especially close to home for me. Paradise farms, a local supplier of fresh goat cheese found at Farmers in the Firehouse and Right By Nature in the Strip District, at the East End Food Co-Op, and currently in my refrigerator, is being threatened by natural gas drilling on their property.

Farmer Stephen Cleghorn submitted his story to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette which was published last week in the opinion section. He writes, “Five years ago we had a dream that we could take these 50 acres and make them our small gift to our neighbors and our world by producing healthy organic vegetables and fresh goat milk products.” Unfortunately, a neighbor who bought their mineral rights 15 years ago has sold the lease to a gas drilling company threatening the health of Paradise Farm’s goats and, we presume, their organic certification.

The only silver lining we can find in this is that if Paradise Farms suffers documentable economic impact, such as the loss of their farm’s organic status, they may be able to sue, although the farm certainly doesn’t have the budget to compete in court with the gas companies.

The health of the farm's goats, like this unbelievably cute little baby, is now in jeopardy.

If this story makes you angry visit PittsburghSEC.wordpress.com and MarcellusProtest.com for more info on fracking and if you are in the Pittsburgh area, PLEASE come out to the rally on November 3rd.

Fracking makes me truly frightened for the future of Pennsylvania and our country. In PA, the government is literally controlled by the oil companies and this trend of corporate control of the government is only increasing. The only way we can make things right is to all work together, not just in PA but in your state as well. Do it for yourself, do it for your kids, do it for the baby goat above.


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