we heart John Perkins.

16 Oct

(This is a replica of a post I wrote for PSEC’s blog, but I thought it would be relevant and interesting for readers here.)

Thursday night’s visit by NY Times best-selling author John Perkins was captivating and inspring. Most exciting for PSEC, while onstage he encouraged the audience to come out to the Nov. 3rd fracking rally and he gave permission to Marcellus Protest to include his endorsement on their website! (If you don’t know what fracking is, here’s a good Vanity Fair article on it)

Perkins, once an inside man in what he calls the global “corporatocracy,” now tours the world encouraging people to advocate for a more sustainable, just, and peaceful world. He told the audience that he can sees a revolution on the horizon, where the power is transferred from the government to the people. As the first step in this process, he asked everyone in the audience to educate themselves about the brands they buy and send emails to companies who continue to operate under unsustainable and unjust practices.

While armchair activism isn’t going to bring about the kind of global revolution Perkins describes, it’s a start. Imagine if only 1% of Nike’s customer base sent them emails asking them to pay their workers a fair wage; Nike would have to listen. While it can often feel like the corporations are the ones in charge of us, the simple fact remains that our spending = their income. If you don’t agree with a company’s practices, don’t buy from them. Simple as that.

What kind of corporations do you support?:

Greenopia: Product and Corporate Ratings

New American Dream: Conscious Consumer Marketplace

Skin Deep Cosmetics Database

A Little Greener: Resources for Living a More Environmentally Conscious Life

Scorecard Pollution Information Site

Forest Ethics Green Grades of Paper Supply Companies

Find more great links on Perkins’ site.


Perkins (right) with Jane Goodall (center) and Llyn Roberts, director of his organization "Dream Change."



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