what you missed.

27 Sep

Lots of fun things happened when my computer was at the computer doctor….

Free The Planet attended an EPA hearing on fly ash, a product of coal, and advocated for its regulation by the EPA and classification as a hazardous waste. The industry is arguing that recycling fly ash into concrete is environmentally beneficial however the material is full of heavy metals which could leak into the ground.

Wikipedia entry on fly ash
“Coal Ash is More Radioactive than Nuclear Waste”

Attended the Rachel Carson Legacy Conference and learned a lot about “fracking.” Heard some typical political rhetoric from folks like the Secretary of the PA Department of Environmental Protection (above), and some inspiring things from professors, experts, and concerned citizens. PSEC (Pittsburgh Student Environmental Coalition), for which I am now campaign coordinator (!) is currently working to fight the threat of fracking in Pittsburgh’s city limits. For more info visit their blog: Pittsburghsec.wordpress.com


Got to ride my favorite horse, Shane!


The Waffle Shop


Went yet another awesome place in Pittsburgh that I didn’t know existed, The Waffle Shop. Not only do they have great waffles, but they also run a live talk show interviewing their customers!



thyme-truffle pizza

Made my greatest pizza success yet. For the crust, I substituted olive oil for truffle-infused olive oil, and added black pepper and thyme. For toppings, home made tomato sauce, slivered almonds, ricotta, parmesan, portobello mushrooms, onions, and artichoke hearts.



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