the pursuit of happiness.

13 Aug

I love this NY Times article about the economy of happiness, how to get more joy with less money. Turns out the key is experiences, not stuff. I think everyone knows that subconsciously, but we get so caught up in wanting more and more stuff that we lose sight of what matters.

The focus of the article is a woman who got off the “work-spend treadmill” by reducing her total personal belongings to 100 items, and downsizing to a 400-square-foot apartment in Portland where she lives with her husband. Because of their low-cost lifestyle the couple has more time and money to travel, volunteer, and spend time outdoors while still saving money. Sounds like a great life to me.


And on an unrelated note, aren’t the Dirty Projectors adorable? They’re giving away two free downloads on their site right now.


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