we heart ikea.

11 Aug

i’m back from chi town! lollapalooza was … amazing for lack of a more expansive vocabulary. however, it is a sad time in a girl’s life when she realizes the camera on her phone is better than her actual camera. i would post photos from lolla but it is snowing in every photo. snow in august? or maybe just a filthy lens that saw better days, you know, in the eighth grade. i’ll post some videos from my phone soon but i’m apologizing in advance for my constant whistling and incessant jumping about.

in response to responsible shopping: psh! i think about this duvet cover all the time and attempt to rationalize it in every way possible; however, i cannot allow myself to spend almost 300 on a duvet, can i?

last week i went to ikea for dinner. this is a completely rational statement if you’ve ever had their swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes!

mmm i never go to ikea looking for specific things because i can never find a fruge when i need one and i’ll end up coming home with a blitzenhopper or some other swedish contraption. i also like to travel through ikea completely backwards, warehouse to showroom. a lot less heartbreak when you find out they don’t have any more blitzenhoppers in ivory left!

my journey began in the kitchen section of the warehouse (unlike lorraine, i will be making my meals out of a microwave, again. more excuses to stop by morning, noon, and night!). i walked out of the kitchen center with an ice cube tray, which produces ice cubes in the shape of fishies and a blue cereal bowl. i perused the bedding. no luck! ikea has had the same duvets for, i don’t know, ten years! i picked up a few hangers and bought a plant! i had no intentions of getting a plant at ikea, i didn’t even know they sold plants and i certainly would not think of going to ikea for flora but it made up for their ten duvet covers (two of which i already own). i walked away with all this jazz for under twenty! oh and i bought a little vase (not pictured) and a lint roller too… hey, it was only ninety nine cents!

p.s.- duvet is from anthropologie! i need to learn how to link links!


One Response to “we heart ikea.”

  1. Lorraine August 11, 2010 at 6:27 pm #

    haha i think we made the exact same shopping trip. i was totally disappointed with the ikea duvet selection too! and then i went to anthro and was in love with the bedroom stuff except for the excessive $$$$$. also when i was standing in line to check out, this little girl in front of me was very proudly showing me her fish ice cube tray and it was too cute. i got the heart one!

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