we heart poketo.

3 Aug

I’ve had Poketo wallets for a few years now (before I graduated to one that I have now which is the size of a small cat). The concept is simple: two layers of clear plastic with a paper design sewn in between and some plastic flaps to hold your cards and bills, forming a cute little wallet that fits right in your pocket. They come in hundreds of different designs by cool artists and while they’re not the longest-lasting things in the world, this just gives you an excuse to pick up a new design!

Now Poketo is teaming up with Target (what will they think of next??) to make totes, messenger bags, laptop cases, water bottles, umbrellas, wallets and shopping bags with their artsy prints. Target’s collaborations always sound cool in theory, but sometimes the results are cheaply made. Hopefully this one won’t disappoint.


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